The following are my DockerCon 2017 recap notes and thoughts.


  • 5,500 people in Austin, TX
  • Great mix of people, international and good female engineering presence.
  • Rainey street in Austin fully reserved for 1st day after conference party - truly amazing.
  • Moby Single - impromptu breakout sessions - really good idea and many folks took advantage of this it seemed.


  • New Docker features around management of Dockerfiles and images - multi-stage builds, docker [] prune, docker system df
  • Explanation of the new Docker versioning and thoughts around CE and EE.
  • Better built-in native cloud support - AWS, Azure, GCE.
  • LinuxKit - a portable Linux subsystem; “Linux Everywhere”.
  • Continuing support and internal use of InfraKit @ Docker.
  • Moby Project - containers in containers? containerizing all the things! “Moby allows you to make the container the OS? a la carte Linux?”
  • Docker Cloud improvements; better Swarm integration w/ accompanying cloud support; BYOS (‘Bring your own Swarm’). “All this makes Docker a larger platform w/ IaaS in the background; Docker Uber”
  • Docker Desktop improvements; deploy (directly) your stack to Swarm clusters.
  • Microsoft had a big presence @ DockerCon. Launched Linux containers on Windows.

“If you can run Linux containers everywhere and LinuxKit gives your Linux Everywhere what’s the point of OSes in the future? Will OSes come with container support built-in always? Are containers the new default binary packaging format? Will container schedulers be built into the OS by default? Will container schedulers simply become the OS in the future?”